As our client, your peace of mind is very important to us, especially when you are in the last phase of buying a new home. Closing on a home can be exciting, but may also give you a little waiting time. This is why we’ve composed a list to better inform you of the closing process and what happens behind the scenes. In order to make sure your closing process is seamless, our Closing Coordinator, Ashleigh, carries out the following steps below:

  • The contract is started
  • All signed paperwork is emailed to client, Lender and Closer at Title company
  • The Title company immediately starts working on updating the abstract & making sure the title is clean of any liens, etc.
  • Home inspections ordered
  • If there are repairs needed, the Closing Coordinator keeps track of all the invoices & repairs made and sends invoices to Closer at Title company
  • Appraisal is ordered & preformed (must be within 10 days)
  • Buyers’ Homeowners Insurance verified (Within 10 days)
  • Check with Lender 10 days before anticipated closing date to see if Buyer is “Clear to Close” (This means underwriters have approved everything for the loan)
  • Closing is scheduled and all parties are informed
  • Once the Closing Disclosure has been released, everything is double checked to make sure everything is correct

We hope that this “behind the scenes” look gives you a clear understanding of the home closing process. Here at Heckenkemper Real Estate Team, we do our very best to ensure that our clients are well-informed and taken care of throughout their home buying journey.