The holidays are here and there’s no time like the present to incorporate time-saving processes into the most wonderful time of the year! From décor to storage to money-saving tactics, we’ve come up with the thriftiest practices for Holiday Season 2017! Let’s not waste any time and jump right in!

1.  Like a holiday head cold going around, no one is immune to the hassle of storing and unpacking complex lighting and inside décor…but we have a few remedies! A hot ticket item this year is an outdoor light projector. This small, easily stored machine gives you an amazing display for multiple holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas. By broadcasting colorful and lively projections, you have the same effect as lights without the trouble of hanging and taking down.  

2.  If you are thinking about investing in a fake tree, consider one that flattens…with decorations intact! A Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit 6-Ft. Christmas Tree will have your tree set up in a matter of moments every year! Coming in a variety of colors and décor, these trees are perfectly suited for everyone’s tastes! 

3.  Additional seating during holiday meals can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you are busy cooking and preparing for visiting family. Folding chairs are always an option for extra seating, but may clutter the table and take a lot of time to set up. Consider using a bench or bed footer on each side of the table in place of extra chairs. This will minimize set up time, allow for more leg room and create a customizable place setting arrangement.

4.  Another thing to consider is simplifying the way you serve holiday meals. We’ve all seen the movie scenes where a large, chaotic family grabs across the dinner table as if their lives depended on reaching the mashed potatoes. The best part is that many real-life families copy this for their holiday meals every year! Why? An alternative option is to create a buffet line. Instead of using your table, utilize your stove and counter space for the main dishes. Fill your sink with ice and create a beverage station. If you have a baker’s rack, set up a dessert display. This way may not be the most traditional, but it will reduce the chance of spilled gravy and fighting cousins.

5.  Holiday shopping is a big time/money consumer! Plus, it’s exhausting especially if you partake in the Black Friday chaos. Shopping online is a great way to dodge shopping malls while getting great deals, however there may be a few people in your life that you want to purchase personal gifts for. Here’s a tip:  Celebrate the holidays all year…in your mind! If you are traveling, try buying presents from the different locations you visit. This gesture adds a feeling of authenticity and thoughtfulness that money can’t buy. The challenge is to think about this opportunity while you’re on vacation, which may fall in the Summer months. Just remember, you don’t have to make it a big shopping trip – one or two presents at a time go a long way!

6.  Since Christmas and New Years are so close together, you can easily up-cycle your left over holiday wine! Take all of the old, half-empty wine bottles and make Sangria! There are delicious varieties of red and white Sangria made from the best leftovers of the season. Here are some great recipes for both:   

What holiday traditions can you simplify? We hope that this blog inspires a helpful change in your holidays! And while we’re at it, for a simple, home buying or selling process, call the Heckenkemper Real Estate Team! We’ve got you got you covered, even during the holidays!