Just when you think you’re out of the water from buying a new home, the moving phase is just gearing up! Along with the stress of physically moving from one to place to another, added expenses pop up in the least expected places. That’s why it is important to factor in your moving costs with your home budget. You will still be spending the money, but it won’t come as an unpleasant surprise.

Transfer fees

Utility items such as water and gas have a transfer fee. In Tulsa, it’s $20 for water, $35 for gas. Cable TV transfers are FREE! Remember to start early – book your transfers in advance as there may be paperwork involved, which could set you back a few days.


Depending on the size of your home, a reputable moving company may cost $500-$2,000. The lower price is based on a small apartment or home with minimal moving and packing services; the higher-end is based on a large house with all moving services included. Hiring a well-known company is crucial; one-off moving companies may hire unskilled workers who could neglect and damage your items. Hiring the right company is a worthy expense.

A higher price point includes services like day-of packing, boxes and paper, and moving large items like furniture. Warning: day-of packing services could double your bill! A great way to save is to pack the small stuff and move it via truck. If you need to rent a truck, here are some prices: Home Depot – $19 for first 75 minutes, $5 charged for each 15 minutes afterwards; U-Haul – $19.95 base rate + added mileage cost of $29.50 for the van and $44.50 for a basic moving truck.

Packing boxes, paper and tape

Although Home Depot and Lowes sell packing boxes and accessories, it is a good idea to shop around your area to find small chains selling the same thing. ½ Boxes in Tulsa offers packages such as 25 boxes for $25. If you do the research and make the trip, you will save in the long run.

Cleaning services

A good cleaning service will run about $300. The more bathrooms you have, the pricier it gets. Carpet cleaning runs $150-$300. Review your lease agreement or contingencies from the buyer to assess what services will be needed.

Planning out your move is the best way to eliminate preventable stress on your bank account and life. Individual fees and services may seem low in cost, but add up quickly. A good plan of action and a realistic budget will give you a better picture of what you can hire a reputable company to do, and what you can save money on by doing yourself.